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Joseph D'Alessandro

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to MTipsord

I had put in a claim with State Farm for a leak that I was having from my roof. State Farm sent out an investigator to check my roof and he told us that the leak was coming from the eave of our roof. That same week, we had someone come out to replace some of the missing shingles. We thought everything would be fine now.
Today, I got up and I had a flood in my computer room. The same area that the original claim was put on. I had to use over 10 huge bath towels to try to soak up all the water that was on the floor. My area rugs are soaked. My laminate floor is soaked, and the water is running down my wall.
Evidently, the investigator your company had sent out to investigate my claim did not know what he was doing. Even after replacing the shingles that he stated was missing, the same area is still leaking and the leak is worse than ever before. What kind of company do you run? You're quick to collect our monthly payments but your response to our claims is ridiculous.
I need my laminate flooring reinstalled now, and the wall needs to be repaired and my area rugs are soaked. I am really considering suing you for your negligence concerning my roof leak. Are you ready to pay for lawyers to fight my lawsuit. I am so angry right now. I am not a rich person, and I don't have the extra money to pay for all the repairs that need to be done, besides my roof leak. That is why I have home insurance from your company. Your company is at fault for all this damage. I did as your investigator told me and my husband to do. I replaced the missing shingles at the eave of my roof. I followed the instructions given to us. Now, the damage is worse than it was before.
You need to get in touch with me and my husband before I file a lawsuit against your company. You are negligent concerning this matter, not me.

Our Agent is Heather Broujos
33 Possum Park Mall
Newark, De. 19711
Bus: 302-368-8080
heather @heatherbroujos.com

Thank you,
Joseph and Olga D'Alessandro
23136 Prince George Drive
Lewes, Delaware 19958

Phone: 302-945-1554

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