@SteveEasterbrk – Steve Easterbrook – Good Afternoon Stephen J. "Steve" Easterbrook, On today I went in to McDonalds store #6603

Ms. Kneely sent a message to Steve Easterbrook that said:

Good Afternoon Stephen J. "Steve" Easterbrook,

On today I went in to McDonalds store #6603 to get an egg and cheese biscuit with a round egg. I politely asked the individual who took my order can I have a fresh round egg because it’s says on the commercials and on the advertisements on the window made fresh every time and the Manager that happen to take my order; took it upon herself to give me what she wanted. I stated I would wait for the egg to come up because this is not the first time I’ve requested this from a McDonald’s. I noticed that the cook grabbed a biscuit and egg from a container and began to prepare it, so I asked the Manager was that for someone else because I specifically asked for the egg to be dropped fresh and I would wait. The manager stated with hesitation and stutter that this was made 5 minutes ago it is fresh. I informed the Manager that I asked for it to be dropped fresh the cook didn’t know because you didn’t tell him so now he’s upset because he has to do extra work and the Manager told the cook to drop a fresh egg she doesn’t want this one because it’s not fresh she wants another one. Well the truth is I asked from the beginning for a fresh egg to be dropped. When I stood in the line behind a customer that paid and was waiting for the remainder of his food for 3 minutes and then I stood there for another 2 minutes before I said excuse me may I place an order and no hi can I help you the Manager stood as if I was bothering her no customer service, it wasn’t inviting, she gave me an attitude. I am the type of person that’s easy going I get along with everyone”
However once I seen the young gentleman face (cook) and I heard the Manager tone I decided that I didn’t want the sandwich anymore.

I later called to asked for the store number and the person that answered the phone asked me why I want the store number, then asked me what’s my name, “I said Ms. Kneely “ she said for what do you need the number “I said if you don’t want to give me the store number that’s fine I will go on the internet and get it…and I did just that!

I literally lost my appetite because I don’t remember McDonalds being like this I use to work for McDonalds and if my manager taught me anything she would always say ‘’the customer is not always right’ but your behavior, your approach and your reaction will make them right don’t let anyone change your environment good customer service is what we do here’’
I understand it starts at the top and flows to the bottom…. Management first and then coworkers I don’t want anyone to loose their jobs I just would like her to get the training she may need to communicate and show better customer service, my motto ‘’when you know better you do better’’

Name: MCDONALD'S #6603
Type: Permanent Food Service
Address: 8375 Nw 88th Ave, Tamarac, FL 33321
License #: 1611038
(954) 722-6710
Manager: Maria

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