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Dear Noel,

I am in need of your assistance. I have not had a good outcome with HSBC of recent times.

Since August I did my military detox with the White Dragon Society. Called was lofgged with the White House. Star Nations know of me too.

I am a Pleiadian Starseed from Venus. I learnt of myself & what my mission is. I have a great team behind me.

I hold Zim & Vietnamese Currenciens. I would like to redeem my money. I also have my humanitarian projects. 1- to work with the rescued children & adults.

Dartford Branch are going on as if they are a franchise & insisting with their Totalitarian ways. I once had an account many years ago with HSBC. Due to circumstances I was unable to make full use & my account was shut down. I recently applied but to be fair, the sytem is so limited on employment option etc.. The outcome is that the system does'nt know & has not ok'd me an account.

Given Tier 4B is released, surely I am able to walk into HSBC & still exchange my foreign currency.

We have transitioned to Greatness, the old banking system along with the Monarchy & Vatican are Gone, No more. We are now Quantum. I know this.
Surely, it is not only those with a HSBC account that are priviledged to greatness because this is what I'm getting from your staff that represent HSBC.

Would you contact me so we can discuss further. I have already been to the Head office today & visited Surrey Quays once again.

Kind regards

Dolly Jagdeo

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