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Sue Whaites sent a message to Stuart Gulliver that said:

Good evening Mr Quinn,
My father died on the 2/7/21, my mother and I visited the Penrith branch of HSBC for a supposedly bereavement meeting with the Manager. I can only say that this was absolutely shocking, he leant against a door frame with his hands in his pockets, gave very insincere condolences, he took my fathers death certificate and his will, which showed that I am his executor, disappeared for 20 minutes then returned to give my mother and me a piece of paper with the bereavement number on it and told us we needed to contact them for assistance.
I asked him for advice with regards to my mother’s financial situation, what would be the best thing to do with the monies from the sale of my parents house, advice regarding an ISA and about removing my fathers name from their joint account, to all of which he stated he could do nothing due to COVID.
We then went across the road to Barclays Bank , where my mother and father had a joint bank account, where we were met with a lovely lady, very efficient, kind, sincere and prompt actions and assistance regarding savings accounts, transferring and ISA and taking my fathers name of the account. Mum has had a new card through today with confirmation of her new accounts with Barclays.
I can only state that I am extremely disappointed in the response from your bank to our request for assistance, Mum initially wanted to stay with HSBC but due to the absolutely awful response from the chap at the Penrith branch she has now transferred all her accounts to Barclays, or at least she will when my fathers name has eventually been taken off the account, which according to this man will not be for another 2 weeks.
If my mother had gone Into your bank alone, seeking assistance at this awful, sad and distressing time she would have been very badly treated.
I hope that you will address this matter with the gentleman concerned and I truly hope that no other person has to endure or be mistreated in the manner that my poor Mum was subjected.
If I was as bad at my job, a MacMillan Nurse, as this chap is I am certain I would know about it and would have disciplinary procedures taken against me.
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, I realise this is an emotive time for our family but the contrast between your bank and Barclays was immense.
Yours sincerely
Sue Whaites

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