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Greetings Noel,

I realised that there were a few typo mistakes in my last message. Apologies for that. My call was logged to the White House on my last detox back on August 19th with Lt. Robert as DRACO from the White Dragon Society.

I understand we are to receive Pleaidian Technology in form of Med Beds by the end of this year. My team is mainly an All Female Team. Age of Aquarius will soon be here on the 21st December & we wish to have this Plan already in motion. In fact we've built & acknowledged our team skills & what we have as the Soul Family we are.

We have a compilation of Military background, Trained Nurses, Healers & Teachers. We only want to do what's best for Humanity. This is why we are all here together.

A couple of my team members also have private land we'll be working this Plan from & also they have land space for the Pleiadian Ships to land. I know there are 3 Million of them needing a home & they will be moving to Grand Canyon. The Peace Treaty serves to protect them.

Would you contact me as this is urgent & wish to resolve this matter soon. I would wish to redeem my Zimbabwean Dollars & Vietnamese Investments so I can provide for my Healing Development Program & my own financial status is important to my stability. I must have this in place to make sure I am able to provide for those who are needing of Nurturing & loving Environments. Which is what my Plan proposes to serve & provide.

As well as wanting to be of service to other's I must also find my own youngest son. Now 14 years old. Unfortunately we were ripped apart by the corrupt systems that was in place the days of Tony Blair. My youngest was put up for a forced adoption. It was illegally stealing & selling children through the legal system. I have faced my own dilemas throughout this lifetime however I'm persistent & extremely strong character.

I would like confirmation that as a member of the General Public I am able to go into the Dartford Branch & Redeem my foreign currencies. I should be able to walk in with my forms of Identification of which I have passport, Basic Disclosure & other forms of ID ie: Bank letter heads etc..

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kindest regards

Dolly Jagdeo

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