Sub: Complaint against Galaxy Toyota, Moti Nagar, New Delhi, India for mishandling my Innova- Akio Toyoda email address

DR. MAKHEEJA sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation – email address that said:

Sub: Complaint against Galaxy Toyota, Moti Nagar, New Delhi, India for mishandling my Innova
Registration and my harassment on 5th October 2016.

I am writing to you to lodge my strong complaint against the subject dealer and their senior employees who mishandled my above vehicle during a running repair on 5th October 2016 and harassing me for long duration.

I had taken my vehicle to the subject workshop on 5th October 2016 with the complaint that the horn was not working. I was told that some spiral cable had gone faulty and needs to be replaced. I was aghast to learn that the above spiral cable was priced super expensive at INR 13,657.00 plus the labour charges.

Since the horn is needed while driving, I had no choice but to accept this expensive replacement. My vehicle was accepted and the job card was generated at 1:21 PM (copy attached) with the promised delivery time of 3:15 Pm on the same day. The supervisor – Mr. Sharma told me to go and said that he will call me to the workshop on my mobile when the vehicle is ready for delivery.

I went to have my lunch nearby. At 3:16 PM, Mr. Sharma called me to inform that my vehicle is ready and that I should come to the workshop. I reached the workshop and gave a call twice to Mr. Sharma at 3:43 PM and 3:49 PM to which he replied both times that he is in a meeting and would come soon, but he was nowhere to be seen. He called me at 4:02 PM and again said that the meeting is still going on and that we would come soon.

I then called Mr. Kapoor, General Manager Service and explained that I have been waiting for a long time for Mr. Sharma but he is not coming with the reason that he is involved in some meeting. He said that he will send him soon. Finally Mr. Rajender came at 4:15 PM and helped me make the appropriate payment and claim my vehicle at 4:32 PM.

I then decided to complain about the whole experience to Mr. Kapoor and went to meet him and explained the entire issue. He had nothing to say except apologise to me a couple of times.

I then went and tried to check my vehicle. To my utter dismay, as soon as I started the engine, the Airconditioner went full blast and stereo started at a very high volume. In my automobile engineering specialization in the final year, we were told to switch off all electrical before putting the ignition off, and here were the so called trained mechanics and engineers of a claimed leader in world automobile industry treating the vehicle with such utter disregard and casual attitude. Is this acceptable to you?

I found that my wiper blades were run dry on the windshield with the result of scratches on the windshield and completely destroying the wiper blades. I then again called Mr. kapoor to describe how my vehicle has been treated and he tried to give me some excuse of checking electrical items.

I am attaching all proofs along with this letter so you can see that whatever I am writing is true. I am also attaching screen shot of the call log with Mr. Sharma as well as with Mr. kapoor. Unfortunately, though, I did not record the conversations because I did not expect to be treated like dirt.

I tried contacting the owner of the dealership Mr. Sachdev but I was not given access to him nor was I given his contact details such as mobile number or email address, hence I was left with no option but to write to you.

My questions to you are as follows:

1. Are you willing to accept that the customers be called in the workshop for delivery and made to wait, especially when you claim that the vehicle is ready?

2. Are you willing to accept that you call the customer to the workshop knowing fully well that an internal meeting is going to keep you away from the customer?

3. Are you willing to accept that an INTERNAL MEETING should happen in the customer time and that customer’s time has no value?

4. Are you willing to accept that the mechanic runs the air conditioner and stereo for his own comfort while bringing the vehicle a short distance from workshop to the delivery area?

5. Are you willing to accept that the mechanic should leave the electricals on before putting the ignition off?

6. Are you willing to accept that the mechanic should run the wipers dry without using the washing fluid on a dusty windshield?

7. Are you willing to accept that the General Manager Service should have no powers to exercise control over his team and provide some solution to the customers’ problems, and should have only sorry on his lips multiple times?

8. Are you willing to accept that the Indian customers should be treated like disdain and left to the mercy of the autocratic behaviour of the dealers without any compensation for the mishandling and harassment?

I keenly await your reply to my letter, while retaining my right to write to Mr. Akio Toyoda and complain to the appropriate consumer forum.



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