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Cynthia Elias sent a message to Sumner Redstone that said:

Please make sure to give this Letter to Mr. Sumner Redstone for me or e-mail it to him, Thank you, Cynthia Elias

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September 12 2018

Dear Sumner Redstone:

I heard you were sick and I have been praying and believing God for your healing I hope you are well now.

I have been tortured day and night and Brain washed by the government iLlegal research because I refuse to present my body and soul to science only to God, Romans 12:1-2 . I refuse to do the government FBI project because God called me to full time ministry and I will not compromise.

I believe they are trying to Brain death me and rape me. God told me I will never be raped. I found all ministers are crooks and corrupt and greedy.

My family are all poisoned with the evil of iLlegal science and hatred and they are all murderers.

I do not know if I will make it or go to heaven but after they slandered me in all churches , synagogues, ministries, friends for his Name sake, you are the only friend I have.

I am not worried about it I trust God and if it is his will he will allow their murder and I will be in heaven soon. He will never allow the rape and the other craziness they wanted to do to control my Life, conservators and all that crap, they are full of evil and wickedness but I did What God told me to do.

In the dream God gave me in 2015 I was supposed to be free, so I know that if he allows them to murder me that means that it was an issue with my faith not with God, I am so tired I do not care as long as I am delivered free from their control greed selfish ambition covetousness and envy.

If you stick around please not allow those Lying books to be published, the Michael Jackson books if you know What I mean the Hilary Roberts Liardon Clinton science dam books are wicked and evil and full of lies.
I trust you will publish the truth about my Life that Yeshua Healed me and no their dam science and crimes, That I am a virgin and never had sex and it was a miracle from God and the story of the gospel.

If you don’t remember all the details some people in this mess will.

I Love you

Cynthia Elias

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