@suntrust – William H Rogers Jr – Dear Mr. Rogers, My name is Kelly Fitzgerald. I am a single mother of three

Kelly Fitzgerald sent a message to William H Rogers Jr that said:

Dear Mr. Rogers,

My name is Kelly Fitzgerald. I am a single mother of three boys from Alpharetta, Georgia, and I was a satisfied customer of Suntrust for over twelve years until recently. I've been happily using your company's banking services before money was fraudulently removed from my account.

On April 12th, 2018, an unauthorized purchase of a smartphone worth $1,500.99 was processed on Amazon via a Mastercard connected to my Suntrust bank account. Even though the item’s delivery was redirected by an unknown user--with Amazon’s delivery service--from my home address to a shipping center in town, and even though the signee for the delivery had absolutely no relation or identification to prove he knew anyone related to the account, the item was delivered anyway and the charge was processed.

Despite Suntrust account specialists later recognizing this charge as unauthorized, and despite police reports confirming this incident as fraud, I still lost the $1,500.99 used to make this unauthorized charge. It has been four months since this charge was made and I have yet to see a refund.

I myself have called or visited Suntrust sn upwards of 15 times in the past four months to obtain more information. Each time I have called, the Suntrust representatives have either been rude or given me the worse customer service. I have received multiple e-mails from account specialists confirming that it is unauthorized activity and I should contact Amazon. In turn they are saying the same thing and point the finger at Suntrust. Not once have these e-mails been true. This is besides the fact that none of the information from these calls or emails has been saved or utilized by Suntrust representatives (who falsely assured me they were communicating this information to their superiors) in an attempt to help me recover my hard earned money. No one of your reps wanted to put themselves in my shoes. They agreed with me that it is fraud but I still cannot get my money back. I filed a fraud alert with you and you denied it. I filed a rebuttal and you denied it even after I provided all the information to show it was fraud. Still denied. I feel like you all have stolen from me.

The fact that Suntrust feels enabled to treat a paying customer like this is disturbing, and this behavior leads me to believe that Suntrust's policy towards large-scale fraud is inefficient, ambiguous, and dishonest. This issue points to company-wide failure at multiple levels, including communication, basic customer care skills, and management. Most of all, though, it is clear proof that Suntrust does not care, even in the smallest amount, about protecting its customers from serious fraud. Even if there is a police report proving the contrary to what you all seem to believe.

I have given your company multiple opportunities to amend its mistakes in this situation, and it has shown no interest in doing so. I am sorry to say that I will no longer use Suntrust for fear that I will lose more money and will warn others on social media about my experience.

Thank you for your time.

All the best,

Kelly Fitzgerald

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