@suntrust – William H Rogers Jr – Dear Mr. Rogers, I am a customer of your bank and switched from a big

Elaine Robertson sent a message to William H Rogers Jr that said:

Dear Mr. Rogers,
I am a customer of your bank and switched from a big name bank 6 months ago hoping for more personalized service. I recently went through a traumatic situation and had to leave after my husband became violent. I finally got settled in an apartment this weekend only to open my bank account on Saturday and find I had been charged over $144 in overdraft fees!! On that Friday my account showed a positive balance all day. In fact I even received a text alert at 2:40 p.m. saying my balance was $24 which was below the $25 alert limit I had set. So I was very careful not to go over as I knew my paycheck would be in the bank on 6/30. So imagine my surprise when I woke up Saturday, checked my account, saw my paycheck had gone in but I had been charged overdrafts on 4 charges even though the balance was in the positive on 2 and would have been on the other two if it wasn't for the overdraft charges! I tried contacting the bank via email and chat. Both said it was because of pending charges that hadn't posted, and in fact, STILL haven't posted 3 days later! Yet when I signed into the app on 6/29 there was no pending and no negative. Then to show just how messed up it was, on 6/30 I get a text alert saying my balance was $1,301 (positive) but had resulted in an overdraft situation. How could I be in overdraft when I had a balance of $1,301? I requested a refund of the overdraft fees because it shows I had a positive balance. They offered a refund of only one fee as a "courtesy". This is the 3rd issue I have had with customer service since I started banking with you 6 months ago. Even though my last bank wasn't very personalized, I was there for 8 years with no problems like this. The bank prior to that I was with for 15 years and only changed because I moved to a different state for my job and there was no branch there. But at this point, I'm ready to change banks with my next paycheck and tell everyone to steer clear of Suntrust.

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