@suntrust – William H Rogers Jr – Mr. Rogers, I hope that you are having a better day than I am. I

Kifanie Thompson-Moore sent a message to William H Rogers Jr that said:

Mr. Rogers, I hope that you are having a better day than I am. I was told that my account is being closed. My first account had to be closed and all funds transferred in Feb. Now I have an issue with my account and thought that I would call to handle the issue. During that time,someone mishandled the account and now it is closing. I am dishearten because all of my transactions will be returned causing me more money. I did not ask or expected this to happen. My account was frozen without being thoroughly reviewed. I have had several different people tell me different things from Suntrust and I have waited since 05/14/18. Only now, to be told that I can not get my hard earned money for my children. The young lady told me that I had to wait 5-10 more days that I don't have. My family is now living with someone because I can not get my funds needed. I acknowledge my error and tried to correct it. I even submitted paperwork from my 4o1k to confirm that Suntrust recieved the funds. They still made the decision to part ways and not refund me my money. I'm so dissapointed even after they let fraud happen to my account I still remained loyal. I hope that this is not how all clients are handled. I work for the state and informed my CEO of the way I have been spoken to and he couldn't believe it. Maybe they feel as if i'm not an investor so I don't matter. My family matters and for me to have to wait on my funds in ludacris. I hope that you could help my family. This policy needs to change. They wouldn't even allow me to get my pay that had nothing to do with my 4o1kcheck. Can you help? I would like someone else to give me an answer before I take it to other areas.


Kifanie Thompson-Moore

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