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@suntrust – William Rogers – 14901 Winterwind dr. Have had a bank account with Suntrust for 2 years now. I

Shawn m Geary sent a message to William Rogers that said:

14901 Winterwind dr. Have had a bank account with Suntrust for 2 years now. I was getting 36 dollar overdraft fees monthly so much due to Covid that I had to remove overdraft protection. If there is no money in my account then I want all transaction declined. I had 1.19 in my account, and 2 items went thru for 14.00 and 15 dollars. they were amazon membership and microsoft gaming. I canceled those services months ago because due to covid I dont have extra money for luxuries. so I get hit with 36 fee and another 36 fee. I called and tried to have them fix this they said no..... then the extended overdraft fee hits. now my account is -139 dollars I am about to switch banks because of this. no one will help me. I am out of work, due to covid BS, Imy ex left me with all 4 kids, she pays me 600 a month child support, the IRS sent my half of the stimulus check to her account in error, I get NO HELP FROM THE GOV. no free food, no reducded rent, reduced power, nothing. my lease is behind by almost 6,000 dollars I am waiting to be evicted soon. I did not get one dime of unemployment because I was self employed. not one dime I filed in April. I have burned thru my savings, and college funds for my 4 kids. I will switch banks if you cant fix this error. no sleep since march, suicude sounds good on real bad days. Need a loan till all this is over. who gonna help me... No one.

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