@suntrust – William Rogers – 6 29 2019 Kelly S. King, CEO, BB&T William H. Rodgers Jr., CEO Sun Trust

kennett Schath sent a message to William Rogers that said:

6 29 2019

Kelly S. King, CEO, BB&T
William H. Rodgers Jr., CEO Sun Trust
Executive Staff
Dear Sir,
I am writing this letter to inform you that BB&T failed me and lost my business. I feel very strongly that I don’t want others in my situation to suffer as I am. I don’t know the solution but want to know that this complaint has been recognized by people that can make real decisions.
I am a 100% disabled veteran that has lived in Germany with my German wife while associated with the military for 30+ years. Due to medical issues I need to relocate to the US, and NC Fayetteville. I am extremely well off and have an 800+ credit rating and 150 K account balance.
I was attempting to buy a house in Fayetteville and established NC as my home state in Nov. 2018 and bank accounts in preparation to buy my house. I began in Nov by contacting the Morganton Branch and planning pre-approval accomplished in Feb 2019. I came back to Fayetteville to buy a house at the end of April and informed the bank I was ready. At the end of the third week of May I came to BB&T and was told my pre-approval had lapsed.
Due to my disabilities and I am unable to process actions written in a normal manner. I informed all persons that I had this disability, and often asked for clarification of things. I never received clear options for loan amounts and interest to period of loan (paper just given to me).
The team prior to the underwriting, asked unreasonable and deceptive questions, in an attempted to get information from me (disability and inability to answer correctly). You can follow the documentation I provided and see how detailed I was. I went to corporate headquarters three times for help asking a manager to review complete information, due to critical timelines.
All to no avail. I had positions 35,000 at BB&T and was told to stop transferring money in. I lost the House and loan because I could not get my wife to send docs on my house in Germany owned free and clear 400 k. They did an international credit check no debts. I am going back to Germany now and don’t have a house to ship my goods to. Further questions? please



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