@suntrust – William Rogers – Dear Mr. Rogers, I am writing with mixed feelings about your bank. I was sent

Rebecca Quam sent a message to William Rogers that said:

Dear Mr. Rogers, I am writing with mixed feelings about your bank. I was sent a promotion with a $500 offer when meeting guidelines on a signature advantage account. I was thrilled and signed up. After about 4 weeks or so I called and asked when I would be getting the $500. I was told that I did not put in a reference code and would not be getting the money. I was upset and was transferred to another person who assured me that EVERYBODY who signed up in that time period would be eligible and to give it a few more weeks. I was told not to worry you will keep your word. A few weeks later I called again to find out when I would receive the $500 and was told again that I had not put in the reference number and was not eligible. I said that I felt tricked and was going to close my account. I was told "ok". Hmmmmm wow. I decided that closing the account was best as I could not trust what I was being told and people were telling me different things. I was unable to do that right away for time constraint reasons. Now to the good part......so after having SunTrust as my bank during that time I fell in love with the small important things you do.....like reimburse ATM fees and warn you of an overdraft 5 days in advance. Banking with SunTrust is easy and very convenient for me. I love this bank. I have decided to stay with SunTrust....but I still feel like you guys shoud make good on your word. Either way Im staying....but that was pure luck.....

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