@suntrust – William Rogers – Dear Mr Rogers I became a depositor at Crestar Bank (now part of SunTrust, soon

Richard Tangard sent a message to William Rogers that said:

Dear Mr Rogers

I became a depositor at Crestar Bank (now part of SunTrust, soon to be part of Truist) in 1995. After the events described below, probably that relationship is about to come to an end.

• October 3 - I set up a $4,000 online payment to my wife, so that she could take that check and deposit it in her account at Virginia Commonwealth Bank. Note that these two accounts are joint accounts, in both our names. The check never arrived.

• October 20 – Using online banking, I arranged external transfers to the joint account at VCB. The daily limit is $2,000, so I set up two payments on consecutive days.

• October 21
o SunTrust sent me two emails, each indicating “For security reasons, your funds transfer request from SunTrust Bank, Checking account to Virginia Commonwealth Bank, Checking account has been stopped.”
o I visited the branch in Short Pump. No one there could explain why this happened. I withdrew $4,000 in cash, intending to drive to VCB later that day and deposit it there.
o From home I checked the balances and observed that $2,003 (one of the “stopped” transfers plus a $3 fee) had been removed from my account.
o Concerned with the risk of being overdrawn if the second stopped transfer were also taken, I returned to the branch and redeposited the $4,000 cash.

• October 22 through October 26 – On innumerable phone calls with the Short Pump branch and SunTrust’s online banking group, there was no progress at all. No one could explain what happened, and the $2,003 was not restored to my account. I was told to wait.

• October 27 – On yet another phone call with your online banking group, it was determined that despite the branch visits and calls, nothing whatsoever had been done to initiate the restoration of the $2,003 to my account. The person on the phone said she was setting up that process today, and it should be completed within one to three business days.

What would you do in my position?

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