@suntrust – William Rogers – Dear William H. Rogers, Jr. I am contacting you about a problem that I hope

Michael Agnello sent a message to William Rogers that said:

Dear William H. Rogers, Jr.

I am contacting you about a problem that I hope you can clear up. I had a mortgage (vacant land in Cape Coral, Florida-Lee County) with Suntrust Bank which was paid off some seventeen years ago. I decided to sell the property this year and the Title company informed me that Suntrust had mistakenly recorded the property (still vacanT twice by mistake. I called a number of customer service representatives from Suntruct and I was told to email information to mtglienreleaseresearch@suntrust.com. I did that back on September 11th, 2020. I included attachments of the payoff and also the recorded instrument, which was a mistake. I was told at that time that there was no phone number. I never heard back from that department or anyone as to the status of my request,as I was looking for Suntrust to resolve this issue and issue another satisfaction of the "mistake" to clear it from the records. It was only after I filed a complaint with the CFPB that I received a call from Suntrust telling me that the case was assigned to Mr. Seth Mills, phone number 804-923-8846. I was told that within 15 days I would get a call. I called that number twice and left messages to please call me at my home number . I never received a call back and now the cfpb sent me an email saying Suntrust reolved the issue.

Can you please help me.
Thank you.
Michael Agnello

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