@suntrust – William Rogers – Good Morning, I am emailing you because I cannot get Kelly King to answer my

Tonya Anne Huntley sent a message to William Rogers that said:

Good Morning,

I am emailing you because I cannot get Kelly King to answer my emails or Gina Mitchell (Compliance Specialist) to return my emails. I have been with BB&T/Truist since 2008. Up until May I was a satisfied customer. I have been scammed and hacked twice, my account was blocked and took me two days before anyone told me. The fraud department was rude and disrespectful every time I called. I have received numerous letters telling me I am responsible for the fraudulent charges on my account which put it in the negative of some $800. I cannot control what hackers in India do. I have disputed charges and was rejected. The bank left me days without access to my account or any money. My local branch went out of their way to help but the fraudulent department was rude to them as well. I have all documentation that I have received along with only one email from Gina that stated 15 days to look into my issue. Those 15 days has past and have not heard from anyone. I just want my money back that I lost. The fraud department is blaming me for all that happened when I did not have control over it. I cannot believe that BB&T/Truist would allow this to happen and no one contact me or keep me informed. Just sending me letters threatening to get legal papers because I will not pay the negative from being hacked. I really thought you, Kelly King and the board of directors would expect a little more customer satisfaction. Instead I was talked to rudely and never got any answers to my situation. I just want my money back that I was scammed out of. I have since took my business elsewhere and will not recommend your financial institute to anyone. The money I lost was to pay for my mothers funeral who pasted away in February. I am now having to find other means to get that bill paid. I called several times to the complaint department only to be told my complaint was forwarded to the fraud department supervisor. I have heard nothing on that issue as well.
I just thought you would like to know how your employees treat and ignore your customers when a legitimate problem occurs. I just hope in the future your employees treat your current customers with better respect. Thank you for your time.

Tonya Anne Huntley

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