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Janice Martin sent a message to William Rogers that said:

Hello please see an email I wrote to your loan officer who has been working on my refinance since the 1st of October. I have given them every document they have asked for and I got this email today turning me down and my email back to your loan officer. Here it is. Hey Janice;

Underwriting is not able to approve your loan because your bank statements are not showing proof of rents received. And without the full rents your ratios do not meet guidelines.

Sincerely; Deborah Wilson

Direct Loan Officer, NMLSR# 659083

SunTrust now Truist

Direct: 804-319-4115

eFax: 1-844-840-7128

Mail code: GA-Acworth-0532

1001 Semmes Ave, 3rd Floor

Richmond, VA 23224

In your professional opinion, what can I do to improve my chances in the future?
Making sure you have the exact deposits for your rents received. Maybe start again in 3-6 months? I’m so sorry.

You know, I've never had exactly the amounts from rents collected to put in the bank. What if I decide to hold some cash in my house? At one point I had $12,000 in a safe in my own home. For them to expect exact deposits for my rents is unrealistic. The real world don't work that way. Sometimes they all don't come in on the 1st of the month and even if they did, I have a right to keep cash in my own possession instead of depositing it in the bank if I feel like it. I've been banking with Suntrust for 15 years and I can't believe my OWN bank can't give me a loan on my house I've been in since 1993, and I pay Wells Fargo every month. I only owe $75,000 on my house that appraised for $170,000. And I said my income is $4233.00 and I don't lie. Also my credit score is almost 700. If I can't get a loan, who can? This is not devastating to me, I was only trying to get a better interest rate. I can make it just fine. This is ridiculous and I'm going to be writing this email to the President of the bank. I have no problem with you whatsoever, because you've been nothing but helpful to me and I appreciate it.

Janice Martin

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