@suntrust – William Rogers – I opened an account with SunTrust this summer. Shortly afterwards a deposit of 50.00

Matthew McCurry sent a message to William Rogers that said:

I opened an account with SunTrust this summer. Shortly afterwards a deposit of 50.00 was made into the account. This is the part where SunTrust would send me a debit card since my account would finally be funded. I have yet to receive a debit card and ive been locked out of my online banking for over 45 days now. I called customer service and was informed that I need to step into a branch to unlock and regain access to my account. Now im not that difficult of a person....I would oblige with no argument and find myself in a local suntrust branch the next time I had 20 minutes to kill....but time is precious as far as my work goes and did I mention the closet "local" branch is literally 399 miles from my house? Yesterday 8/23/2018 I was told that the internal department would review my account and try to understand why my account was frozen and if needing to be closed would send a check. However if their review came up with no real reasoning for the current account status to remain....they would unlock my card and send me a debit card. I was satisfied with that outcome...either or to be honest. Called today at the recommended time so they could have plenty of time to review my account only to be told that since Im not verified that they are unable to release any information regarding my account. That I Would then need to come inside a local branch. I repeated several times how impossible that was. However 399 miles away must have just seemed like a walk to the park for her or she just refused to understand what I Can Not means.Very irrirtated, at this point I dont even want to bank with SunTrust as im sure they dont want to do business with me and my finances so lets just close the account and send off the check. At first I was excited for SunTrust, but not after how I see they treat new customers. Not even a happy smile from the old geezer whos supposed to say hi every day.

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