@suntrust – William Rogers – Mr. Rogers, i have been a customer of BB&T for nearly 50 years i guess

EARL MILLER sent a message to William Rogers that said:

Mr. Rogers, i have been a customer of BB&T for nearly 50 years i guess. Today i contacted the local branch in Melbourne, Fl because i am helping my Daughter purchase a condo which is closing on Friday. I have a considerable amount in my bank account already but today I tried to wire transfer the additional money from my Metlife Money Market account to my BB&T account in order to do the wire transfer to the title company at Fridays closing. I have the Fedwire Request Form from Metlife that i needed someone at your bank to put a Medallion signature guarantee stamp on the form for me to send back to Metlife for the wire transfer to my BB&T account in order to wire transfer the money to the Title company to close.
I spoke to Derrlck Hall who was not familiar with the Medallion Stamp and he would check with the OPS person. When i called him back he was on an appointment and since It was getting late and I had to get this done today, I called another branch and spoke with Barbara Wortham for a signature guarantee, I sent her the form to look at and when she called the OPS person said they could not put a Medallion signature on my Fedwire request form for some reason was not clear.
I could not believe it. I called Metlife and they could not believe it. When i asked your people the question on the form, ''ARE YOU A FEDLINE MEMBER", they did not know.
We also have a joint checking with Space Coast Credit Union which my wife uses so i took it to them, they put the Medallion stamp on the form with no questions and i faxed it to Metlife to hopefully transfer the money to them. I hope it works because if I can't close on Friday because of this, I am going to be very upset.
Thank you,
Earl Miller

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