@SunTrustNG – William Rogers – I received this from You? I thought you would like to know. ATTNTENTION: FROM SUNTRUST

Greg Lacrosse sent a message to William Rogers that said:

I received this from You? I thought you would like to know.
SunTrust Bank (USA)
Fri 8/6/2021 7:45 AM
Head of International Operations
SunTrust Bank (USA)
Address: 303 Peachtreet St, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30308 USA.
( suntrust.ebanking@mail.com )

Dear Sir,

This particular letter is strictly confidential and only for your perusal.

Based on your inability to complete your claim from your previous
transactions, we have been officially appointed by World Bank -
Switzerland to release the already ear-marked (assigned) sum of
(US$10,500,000.00) to you as a form of settlement of debt. Officially,
you are the true beneficiary to the stated sum. The US Treasury
Department and the Securities/Exchange Commission are collectively
ready to APPROVE and ORDER for the immediate swift wire transfer of
your due funds via Telegraphic Transfer/Telex Transfer (Swift).

As a matter of fact we are ready to effect the onward remittance of
your due fund but your partner/representative (Mr. Donald Parker) from
Canada has advised us to transfer your fund into his own personal
account. The mentioned person (Mr. Donald Parker) said that you
authorized him to help you collect your due fund from this bank.

Please confirm to us if we should release your due fund to your
partner/representative (Mr. Donald Parker).

We hereby anticipate your swift response because this is urgent, here
attach is a copy of my working ID card.

Mr. William H. Rogers, Jr.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
SunTrust Bank - USA
( suntrust.ebanking@mail.com )
(Privacy Policy, Terms, Satisfaction and Banking Accuracy).

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