@SweetwaterSound – Chuck Surack – Here's my experience with sweetwater. I ordered a 4 string fender bass, small amp 900

dave grose sent a message to Chuck Surack that said:

Here's my experience with sweetwater. I ordered a 4 string fender bass, small amp 900.00. Decided to order another fender bass 1,500, Nice bass but I couldn't get the sound out off it that I wanted. Talked to my sales engineer Chris Arnold . He said no problem, just return it back to us. He told me that I would have to pay for the return shipping. Cost me 164.00 for shipping to return it. I ordered another bass and love it. Few weeks later 1 of the pots were scratchy and started to cut out the bass altogether. Talked to a guitar tech and he told me how to fix it. I went out and brought spray to clean the pot. Still had the problem. Decided to return it and get my refund. They gave me a RA # to return it. They also said that they would take the shipping price out of the sweetwater credit card refund. That's twice I had to pay for return shipping. On Saturday I called up before the bass Was received and told the person that instead of loosing my shipping refund again that I would like to swap for a same bass, He told me that someone would call me on Monday. Monday Ryan called me and that as soon as they get the bass in they would overnight me another bass. The next day Chris Arnold called me and left me a message, Letting me know that he refunded the bass to my sweetwater credit card minus the return shipping on the bass with the bad pot. After getting and reading this message I became very annoyed at the confusion. I told him to just refund the bass and also had another order that I told to refund, I checked sweetwater on line at the basses and you had the same one I returned with the bad pot listed for sale. Selling a defected product is no way to do business I Will never do business with sweetwater again and will give bad reviews about this. Hopefully you will look into this so this doesn't happen ever again...

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