Tainted coffees at one of your restaurant\'s i am sorry to have to bring this – Nigel Travis email address

Sherry ashmore sent a message to Nigel Travis Chairman and CEO, Dunkin Brands Group, Inc. email address that said:

Tainted coffees at one of your restaurants i am sorry to have to bring this to your attention. I have contacted dd costermer service and i do have a case # i am a perks member so u can c that i spend over $200 every month and have been for many years and i was wondering if as a customer do i have any rights? Our coffees have been sabotaged and sometimes tainted with perfume or hand lotions or something like that for a while i started to notice a pattern. So we brought it to their attention. We got nowhere customer service said they r individually owned and there is nothing i can do she said management does not care to contact me back i guess its easier to say oh she cussed at us so dont come back. I did not cuss by the way for me its about tainting my coffees also once my husband fell ill after a weard coffee from her the morning manager and her few around her. I go in there 2times per day and never had any other issues with my coffee. I know i would save alot of money having our coffee at home but as we live in a rural area we enjoy going to get our coffee. I will continue to reach out to people until i find out what to do about this. I tried to contact people the rite manner but with no proper response there is a select few that r trying to squash this. I know this sound funny but i think its all because i like to use my coopons. I feel like i was in a bar disagreement when i try to return something now they r calling around other dunkins in area and theres not many near me trying to get me kicked of them to embarrassing !! I asked for the security tapes to prove i did not cuss. Also to prove she put skim milk instead of cream on that day even. later that day i was told by a friendly employee ,she poked fun about doing such that ! Ridicules ! She should grow up dunkin is a business not a pub. Thank you for your time today i know its not a big deal for the company ,but it is to me so thank you for hearing me out.

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