@Target_Corp – Brian Cornell – Hello, My name is Adam English and I am writing to you to see if

Adam English sent a message to Brian Cornell that said:

My name is Adam English and I am writing to you to see if you can provide some assistance to me and my family.

Our family is a blended family and and my wife has come back from a relationship that dealt with domestic violence and has caused depression and anxiety with her, along with her I adopted her 2 children and one of those is currently in a RTF (Residential Treatment Facility) for extreme behaviors this also led to only 1 parent working because babysitters no daycare could assist in watching her. We also just recently got the information that our youngest son has been diagnosed with Autism. With all these appointments and added stress and financial issues it has become extremely hard. All we want to do is provide an amazing fun holiday for the kids this year and was seeing if there was anything that your company could do? My wife nor my kids know I am doing this or attempting to do this because I would love for it to become a surprise if I can make something happen. Its been quite a few challenging years to say the least and just want to see smiles and something good come to my family.
Sorry if this comes off of tacky or who knows what. But I am just a dad who loves his kids who wants to provide everything I can with them. With us working 4 jobs just make ends meet it really hurts and works on our time as family and striving to do what we can.
If there is anything you could do to assist with this I would great appreciate it. If not I understand as well! But I do appreciate your taking your time to read this!

Thank you for your time!
Adam L English

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