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Holdens Philogene sent a message to Brian Cornell that said:

Holdens Philogene
44 Hazelton Street Apt 1
Boston, MA 02126

Response Eagerly Requested
Target CEO
To Brian C. Cornell, 12/2/2015
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this letter. I just pulled my credit report, and discovered that a late payment was reported in 2013 for my Target Credit Card. Account Identification Number: 00048524215. I am writing to see if you would be willing to make a goodwill adjustment on your reporting to the credit agencies, regarding my account.
During that time, my wife fell ill, and was not able to work her normal part-time schedule. We have three small children and at the time all three were ages 3 and younger, not school age so they had to be entered into daycare full-time. Twins born in April 2010 and our youngest was born in Nov 2011. As such, our savings went toward her healthcare out of pocket expenses and towards daycare expenses for a few months. Then I fell on very rough times during her long absence from work that I was unable to make my credit card payments.
When she was able to work once again she immediately began working full-time so that money would not be an issue in the future as we saved. The kids stayed in daycare allowing her to work. I quickly resumed paying my credit card and made it a priority. I realize I made a mistake in falling behind, after this time, my payment history with you have been spotless. I have had a perfect payment history and our financial situation has now stabilized so that I will be able to continue to make payments on time going forward. My family is going to begin to shop for mortgages soon, and having this late payment on my account will surely have a negative impact on this process.
With the rising cost of rent, it makes more sense to buy a home instead. We have been working with a first-time homebuyer program that has been offering classes about credit and budgeting and we are following all steps to make sure we have strong financial knowledge. In order to qualify for a mortgage, we learned that we must free up our debt, buy paying off car notes, consolidating student loans, continuing to make on time payments and attempt to remove late payments in our history. We have been successful with following the guidance. The Target Card is the only blemish harming my score.
When my wife was in High School she worked as a Target Employee in Dorchester Ma and loved it! She enjoyed offering the Target Card to new customers. We love our current Target card and respect the benefits of it. We want to continue with Target, who has been great with customer service thus far.

Because this incident was just once in the few years that I have had an account with you, I am respectfully requesting that you adjust my account to show no late payments. This incident occurred some time ago and I do not feel like it reflects my current creditworthiness, as I have worked hard since then to keep all of my accounts in good standing. I hope that you will therefore honor my request. Please contact me should you need any additional information. I look forward to your reply.

Thank You.
Holdens Philogene

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