@Target_Corp – Brian Cornell – Mr. Brian Cornell, Chairmen and CEO Target Corp. Re: Reliance on Crissy Teigen ? Spokesperson

Tracy Sanders sent a message to Brian Cornell that said:

Mr. Brian Cornell, Chairmen and CEO
Target Corp.

Re: Reliance on Crissy Teigen – Spokesperson

Dear Mr. Cornell,

It is with great regret that I write you. I have been a decades long customer of Target Corp., relying on it to meet many of my household and grocery needs. Typically, I prefer to just follow the basics…, take care of myself, take care of my family, and take care of my friends. Likewise, I expect any vendor who I patronize to follow a similar, simple axiom – Provide an exceptional, product, service, or experience for which one is fairly compensated. I do not buy products only to have the vendor or their agent to attempt to be my social conscience.

For quite some time, you have employed Chrissy Teigen, as well as, carried her product line of her cookware. You have purposefully ignored her behavior of hateful and profane tweets directed to the President.

Make no mistake, the loss of Mr. George Floyd was a tragedy and I fully expect that justice with be served to those who murdered him and violated his civil rights.
Now, as many American cities are under siege from Antifa and other groups that prefer anarchy over the U.S. citizen, you seem very disconnected from the relationship of Teigen’s behavior and the greater harm that she exponentially foments. Presently, Teigen just pledged $200,000 to bailout these "protestors" and looters from jail. It is ironic that she's already made millions from her shelf space selling her own brand of cookware for Target and now many of your stores are shuttered, damaged and looted.

Just as I support peaceful and none violent protest, I also believe in patronizing businesses that serve as better ambassadors for our community. Under your leadership, Target has clearly lost its moral and fiduciary compass.

In closing, I fully intend to share my thoughts with as many as I may. Stick with Chrissy…, you deserve what you now experience.


Tracy Sanders

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