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Hello Peaceful Customers, I want to share my in-depth experience with the establishment entitled, “Merchant’s Tire & Auto Centers.” Location: 10784 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22030.

While traveling on the open-road of Main St. I received a huge nail in my tire. Noticing the dawn of the morning, it’s a no-brainer that there isn’t an auto shop currently available. So, I patiently waited for “Merchant’s Tire & Auto Centers” to open.

Requesting a fixer flat, I was told it wouldn’t do me any good since the nail was deeply imbedded in the tire. The mechanic proceeded to inspect all 4 tires. He began his attempt at an Upsell. However, I wasn’t interested in 4 new sensors OR tires, but only a replacement tire for the 1 with the nail.

The quote for a brand-new tire was $90.00 And it seemed fair. The mechanic took a further look and offered me a new sensor for the debunked tire; yet I declined and we both agreed to use the current sensor that I currently owned.

Fast-forward an hour later, a new tire is in-place… Yay!

Why 1 Star?

The day after getting that $90-buck tire, it was a flapjack. Indeed, it was FLAT. I scurried (with caution) to the nearest gas station to do a DIY air-in-tire. Things were fine. For the past 2 weeks, the tire kept going flat. I called to give Merchant an update and was schedule to come-in for a solution.

With my receipt in-hand, I conversed/elaborated with their manager by the name of Colin O’Brien (Fetching Red-Headed, Irish Lad.) I explained to him my dilemma. He informed me that my sensor was impaired. Confusingly I asked, “why since my sensors were not an issue prior, to getting a new tire from them?”

In the interim of getting the answer that “by law, it’s imperative to replace a sensor, along with a new tire” Verbally I was called derogatory and sexist names. Below are the vigorous & unmerciful terms:

(Bonus: I’m told to suck their D!CKS)

I also was given a lecture on Trump’s Administration, and how the “BORDER WALL” is a must for folks like myself. Bewildered & Sorrowful, I made a call to get the name of the company’s owner and received an alternative... Their District Manager by the name of Robert Welch. His work location varies, but for the sense of time, let’s say he largely works in District of Columbia; Washington.

With a timid voice, I mustered through to inform him of my daunting visit. He admittedly told me that my “story just didn’t check out.” I pleaded for his sympathy which he refutes to show me, as he ends the phone call with laughter.

My sincerest hope is that no one *especially women* shall ever be treated less than human with an alarming bias conduct. Mis Latinos y Hispánicos stay clear of this place... For Your SAFETY! The conclusion of this happenstance? In layman’s terms if you’re not a Caucasian male, please do NOT subject yourself to adhere to this horrendous calamity.

Once Again,
Bewildered & Sorrowful

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