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Dear Mr. Olsen

My name is Raymond Plata Fernandez,

On 7/08/21 I took my 2020 Honda Accord Sport car to Tire Kingdom 17203 PINES BLVD, Pembroke pines to have a flat tire fixed. After being there for almost 2 hours, they returned the car as being fixed.

I paid the $32.74 charged for the service. I drove away for like a mile or so, and had to return because the low air warning light came back up. There one of the guy said that I had to drive

to drive the car further for the light to go off. I said that I already had done that. so, one of guys re-set the light and I drove away. On the way home the light came back on again.

Since I had an inflator I checked the tire and put more air and re-set the TPS warning light. I left the car alone started to drive the Mercedes Benz. My wife Antonia Plata took the car back

and explained the situation. After being more than 2 hours they returned the car and the guy that took the car out of the shop, told her that the tire could not be fixed because the guy who previously

worked on the car caused damage to the tire and re-patching the tire would be impossible because the patch will not hold. In that conversation the employee said that at least they

refund the money that I paid for the service. Literally I paid TK to destroy my tire! The tire only had more or less 2785 miles on it. They put the temporary tire on the car because the tire

was not holding any aire, as a result of the mishandling of the the tire. It was one nail on the top of the thread!

The guy at the front desk denied any responsibility and refused to give a refund. The only way was to buy a tire from them for more than $200 in order for me to get a credit and this

is without balancing the tire and taxes, and other things that they wish to add to the invoice.

Today I got the tire out the trunk and put air on it. The tire is not holding any air as the air coming out from the same spot where they nail was, is practically the same that I’m

putting in. Eventhough I could hear it and feel it, I put water over the hole and took pictures of the air/water coming out.

I don’t think is fair that they destroyed my tire and not pay for it. They should pay for the damage inflicted to the tire. My wife spoke to a guy named Alex, whom I think works at

the Corporate office and he is taking side with the store. I’m a 71 years old retired individual living on a fixed income, and will not allow them to just to brush me aside without paying for what they did.

I hope that you will be able to to help out in this unfortunate situation


Have a great day,

Raymond Plata Fernandez

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