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I recently visited the Tire Kingdom in Juno Beach, Florida on 1/2/20. I set up an appointment to get 2 new tires on my SUV. When i arrived for the appointment they could not find my name or vehicle in the system even though i had been there a few months prior for an oil change. After looking for a bit it was found that my vehicle was not set up properly in the system and it was listed under someone else's name. I left my vehicle and returned a few hours later. When i got in my car 15 min later i noticed that my low tire pressure light was on and it said my front tire was at low pressure (one of the tires i just had replaced). I returned back to Tire Kingdom to let them know and the staff had someone check the pressure in my tires. One of the employees let me know that now my 2 back tires needed to be replaced ASAP ( nobody let me know this prior, even when i picked the car up) and that my front driver tire stem had a leak. I informed the employee that i had just picked my vehicle up and this was a tire that was just replaced. Come to find out that someone had broken my tire stem and let me leave knowing that the tire was leaking and broken. On top of the stem being broken, they had also broke my tires rim and there was a large hole in it. This is NOT how i left my car when i dropped it off. The employees at this Tire Kingdom KNEW my tire was leaking, KNEW they broke the stem and KNEW that they had broken my tire's rim yet NOTHING was told to me at pick up. Would they think i wouldn't notice because i'm a female? Were they hoping i would take the car home and notice so the blame could be put on me? I'm not sure, but either way it's a horrible work ethic. What would have happened if i was driving on I-95 at 70+ mph and my tire blew out? These careless employees put not only MY life in jeopardy, but other people on the road. I spoke with a kind man named Rob who proceeded to apologize and correct the situation by letting me know it would be handled and that they would be buying me a new tire and rim. I was told that i would unfortunately have to drive home 40 miles on my spare tire and return the next day to have the tire replaced. When i returned back the next day i spoke with Brian who assured me that the tire would be fixed and would be personally inspected my him. After much back and forth with my husband speaking to Brian, I was informed that they would have to get me a car rental because they were unable to get my tire in rim in time. A little while later we were informed that the tired and rim was on it's way back to the store and a car rental was not needed. I returned to the store and was informed that i would NOT be getting a new rim and they had fixed my old one by means of soldering. I'm happy that there was an attempt made to fix the situation, but this was NOT how i left my car when i dropped it off and being told that i would be getting a new rim. I got in my car and the low pressure sensor was still lit because nobody had turned it off (after Brian assured me he would inspect the car himself). Once again i had to wait for the sensor to be fixed and they also had to add more air to my tire. My husband informed Brian that he did not thing we should have to pay for that tire being as it was broken as well as my rim was broken. While Brian agreed to refund me for the tire, he also said he didn't agree with me not paying for the tire. WHY would i be paying for a tire/work that was done when it was clearly not done correct, broken and damaged my vehicle? I thank Brian for trying to correct the situation, but i still feel very upset that this is the way business is being conducted at this location. I'm not sure if a refund was issued because i cannot log into my account yet, but i sure hope so. This could have been a very dangerous, potentially fatal situation for me. I really hope that Tire Kingdom takes a look into this and gets these employees the training they so desperately need.

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