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Thank You so very much !!! ---- Smiles! Mary

Never Again

Never Again our Children cry
As tears flow hotly from their eyes.

17 lives minutes gone,
because of our gun laws, or lack there of ...failing us all.

17 families their worlds turned upside down
the Agony, the Horror, the fear a guillotine barreling down.

As 14 more lay....we wait
to see when they emerge, to see their fate.

Never Again the signs all say
with each one our hearts continue to pray.

The Horror
The Fear
The Panic displayed
As our Children waited for heroes to save their day.

31 in hit
some forever gone, some wounded a bit.

Thats the physical, we all can see
the emotions minds...scarred forever in-kind.

With Courage Strengths not seen in such a long time
Our Children, not the adults - will straighten out this crooked line.

Children please know, we are with you this day
On March 24th, our Country will continue with you - All the way!

Together as One, Families - as whole
will make sure our law makers put in place common sense gun laws.

So Americans, please ...our Children need us as ONE
they are Children for Gods sake, just trying to live and have fun
and on Feb 14th - 2018, were running for their lives, ...from a "war machine" Gun.

We can do better, In fact it is a must
If we dont get this done, we will never have their trust.

Every parents worst fear, a pain so painful - for life it endures...
Is burying your child, living the rest of their lives - in a horrific never ending heart grieving war.

Our Country needs us all to stand tall
Together as One, From Sea to Shining Sea,
Tall for our Children, Passing Common Sense Gun Laws
Protecting We the People....Protecting us all.

God Bless these United States - of our America.


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