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The door on our Viking refrigerator fell off earlier this year. The door was inspected – Fred Carl Jr email address

Brad sent a message to Fred Carl, Jr. Founder and CEO, Viking Range that said:

The door on our Viking refrigerator fell off earlier this year. The door was inspected by a local repair company and they were told they could not get the parts because the door was recalled. In April of 2015, I called the Viking recall company for the part and was told it would be delivered in a few weeks. A few weeks past and no part was delivered. I called back and was told they did not have the order and was directed to call Viking customer service. I called customer service out of Arizona and was told they could not locate the serial number and directed me to call the repair company dispatched to examine the door for the serial number. I spoke to the repair company and then gave the serial number to customer service and then was the refrigerator is 12 years old so why should I expect the door to be repaired. I called back the repair company and they told me they would call Viking and tell them the door must be repaired. I received call back and was told to call the Viking recall number. I called the number and was told the part would be sent. A few weeks later the part was not sent so I called the Western Manager for Viking. We both called the recall company and were told the part was back ordered with no estimated delivery date. A few days later, I received a call from the Western Manager and he told me a new refrigerator was ordered and then confirmed the model number, color and type in text messages. We have not received the new refrigerator. About a month ago we received a box from Viking which appears to a new hinge. We contacted the Western Sales Manager by text, but it has not been installed.

Please advise what we need to do to either get a new refrigerator as promised or get the hinge installed.

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