The reason am writting to you ,instead of customer service is , am really upset and – W Craig Jelinek email address

Liz sent a message to W. Craig Jelinek €“ President and Chief Executive Officer of Costco Wholesale Corporation email address that said:

The reason am writting to you ,instead of customer service is , am really upset and am running out of time{according to my oncologist}
The other day I and my sister went to costco to get some of my vitamins and other stuff , my sister was going to pay for me ,because I lost my jobs after having the surgery, while we were in the store I lost my card ,didnt know untill we were checking out, the cashier wasnt happy , but I gave my drivers licence ,and she send someone to check it out , he comes back saying my card is expired , but I just renewed it in sept. so he went back and came back saying that I have 2 accounts and the other is under Liz not Elizabeth , but he is not explaining it to me ,but to the cashier ,and next thing I see is she is ringing in 55 dollars , I asked whats that for she said its for membership, what the hell ,she just charged for membership without asking us, I felt so disrespected ,first of all my membership is not expired and secondly she should of said what she is doing , later on they figured out my membership is ok, after embarrasing me in front of people.
Then when it came time to pay ,my sister wanted to pay with credit card ,she said that I have to pay. the card is under my name , I have no money I live on peoples mercy now ,untill I figure out what treatment I will go with or not.
The total was almost 400 dollars, my sister had cash that her husband gave her to deposit to the bank .
I understand it was not good that I lost my card in the store , but the whole experience , really made me so upset , I dont need this now ,I have enough on my plate , deciding what to do with my cancer , figuring out how to pay my bills each month , I have to cross my fingers each time I go to my car ,hoping I will make it from a to b .
Please fix this ,make right out of this wrong .
Thank you Liz

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