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Dear Mr. Swift, I need your help!
I put in a claim because i heard our home cracking shifting , i called THE HARTFORD .The first adjuster told me that they would not send anyone out to check. i asked her how were they going to determine what is wrong? i asked to talk to another adjuster , he sent out and engineering company, who took measurements, he found cracks , my patio pulled 2 inches away from house opposite side of house you can see concrete pulling away from drive way, my new metal roof of 3 years now have waves in it> structural damage.
i am disabled my wife is retired .Hartford sent me a check for 18,000 to repair broken drain lines, but , said they are not responsible for the other. I did ask to have a hydrostatic test done , but , they told me i would have to pay to see if pipes were leaking after the engineering company, i hired a plumbing company to do hydro test, when they dug under my home water poured out and they found the incoming water line had a hole in it! i relayed this to my claims adjuster with documents he said they will stick to what engineer said < he did not test for leaks under our home. they denied me again on the claim to problems with home from water leak which caused the foundation to drop where leak was found. he said it was long term DIFFRENTIAL MOVEMENT! We have been in this home for more than 30 years and this movement was sudden i could hear the house moving. i then gave him a time line of improvements to my home 2017 had that area of home underpinned by engineering company 2017 same time frame had engineering company underpin the patio within the next few months we took our life savings to remove all sheet rock from walls and replaced except in the living room replaced sheetrock on ceiling, had all news interior doors replaced, had two front doors replaced, had all new windows installed on our home, had all new acacia wood floors installed thru out the house except, kitchen and bathrooms.( kitchen floor is epoxy) that we had done at this time also, had new metal roof with new decking where needed. had all walls in kitchen removed and replaced and did total remodel. we spent over 100,000.00 to have this our last residence to live comfortably. at this moment it appears THE HARTFORD has deemed our home worthless from the report of and engineering company who did not investigate, or ask me about the engineering companies that underpinned my home. Today all my new doors are misaligned, my new metal roof has buckled , walls cracked shower pan leaking ( which i put silicon to stop from leaking )and destroying my new floor in hall which it discolored and buckled. I did send adjuster all this information , he said he IS sticking to engineering companies report. Another question I have if he feels that I no claim to repairs why did he send check to dig under house and repair broken lines even before he knew i had a pressure leak under the slab? I pray this does not fall on deaf ears ? WE HAVE NO MONEY TO TAKE ON THE REPAIRS THAT I KNOW WAS CAUSED BY LEAK UNDER THE SLAB. Thank you Mr swift for taking the time to read this and I will wait for your response if you care to give one. [AdSense-A]

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