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@TheHartford – Christopher Swift – Douglas E Crum P.O. Box 8079 HONOLULU HI 96830-0079 808-286-0260 6/30/2020 Mr

Douglas E Crum sent a message to Christopher Swift that said:

Douglas E Crum
P.O. Box 8079
HONOLULU HI 96830-0079


Mr. Christopher Swift
Chairman & CEO
HARTFORD CT 06105-3845

RE: Remarkable vigil with The Hartford Insurance yesterday

Dear Mr. Swift,
I hope you and your family are safe and well. Mr. Swift. I am amazed astounded and cannot comprehend my remarkable experience calling The Hartford Insurance yesterday. The number on my presumed insurance coverage card lead me to a calculated maze that for 60% of the time kept hammering for a payment! “If you would like to pay, you have a payment due soon, You can pay now and the EXHAUSTING verbal list continued and was relentless. Can you pay today?” Are YOU kidding me? I thought this was an insurance company helping people not a thug mentality for [give me your money]. Yes, I was an am outraged. EVER month YOUR company has full access to raid my bank account and take whatever payment they deem. YOUR company has NEVER missed that withdrawal you can bet your backside on that! However, yesterday, when I tried to call and get a simple battery boost, I was in TOTAL shock. YOU take my money EVERY month for years, but I am not covered. I went through a Spanish Inquisition that would rival Immigration Border Patrol only to find I am NOT covered and that I would have to pay for the service $77 dollars and that took 45 minutes to discover. What a Covid-19 con job. Fewer employees, wait longer to reach an employee and pretend to lower the rate because of a pandemic but you suspend coverage but STILL, take my money. Is this company from India or Africa now? What a con game. I called back asking for a supervisor, yes, I am angry, but I told it is a 24-hour wait. Amazing. Today I am filing a formal complaint with Hawaii State Insurance Commissioner. Who is this company???? I want my money back. I am conned.

I am
Douglas E Crum
Policy Number 55PHT552558 (from your site)

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