This e-mail comes to you as a conveyance of my pain and hurt regarding your – Shantanu Narayen email address

Nilesha sent a message to Shantanu Narayen President and CEO, Adobe Systems Incorporated – email address that said:

This e-mail comes to you as a conveyance of my pain and hurt regarding your billing department. I love adobe, I am a school teacher in the Birmingham School System. I teach 10th grade English Language Arts. The Birmingham School System provides every teacher and high school student a moderate part of your services for free. But I love the services so much I take advantage of your other free services for my students so they may become college and career ready-one of them may work for you one day. I love teaching and I love adobe. But there is a thief in the mist of your employment and they continue to steal money out of my account regardless of how many times I tell them I can only afford your $16.19 program right. Please pull my account and go over it with a fine tooth. And the reason I am suspicious is because it happened to me with Microsoft and they realized it after 10 weeks in getting my money back they could not find the sell. Not to mention your operators that cannot go above the call of duty when a customer is irate because, I must wait 3 to 5 days for charges that I was promised would never happen again on January 17, 2017. I must sit at home, because your company took 129.56 out on me and the representative; Kashisa tried to make me think it was my fault and tried to patronized me giving me one month free of your service in which you were paid January 16, 2017. Mr. Shantanu , I was at night but it damn show was not the night of January 16, 2017. You have a thief among you and they are stealing money, putting in their account for a few days to collect interest. I know you frown and do not believe me. But before I was a school teacher, I came from the corporate world in hospital billing, TVA authority billing, and entertainment billing, I know what employees will do.
I don’t want anything from you but my 129.59 back. I paid my 16.19 for the services, I could afford. If you want to do something to appease me do something for my students. I cannot afford your employees to get interest off my money. But I must wait according to Kashisa. But, I told him word of mouth is the best advertisement it is. And when I can afford it if your employees unconcern’s about your company has not put this company at the bottom, I will purchase a lot of your products for my students, especially your unconcern operators, that kept hanging up on me and putting my calls into queues that did not answer. Let them know their rudeness and unconcern will cost them their jobs in the long run. I have a degree, in Telecommunications, minor in marketing. Their unconcern’s will cost them their jobs when other competition teaches their employees to go above and beyond the call of duty to keep one customer! By the way both of them told before denying my calls, “You did not talk to customers!” Please review my account. I am not trying to get anything from you. I love the product. I would have promoted it, but know until I find something much better I will just keep my 16.19 membership!
Devoted customer, Disgruntle

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