This email was original sent to Joe Alcocer which he relied back to me to – Hubert Joly email address

lynn sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy - email address that said:

This email was original sent to Joe Alcocer which he relied back to me to say I should contact the GM. So I figured I would go straight to the top.
I am writing to you in hopes of solving this problem I have with a recent purchase of two new Iphone 7s at the Manchester Best Buy.

I believe you have received an email from Eddie R, the ATT Expert from Best Buy regarding this situation.

I have been in contact with the ATT Loyalty Department a total of 5 times as well as stopped into the Manchester Best Buy store twice regarding this matter. I refuse to make anymore calls to solve this as I hope you will understand the situation and resolve the matter.

On 4/20/17 my husband and I went to the Manchester Best Buy to purchase new phones and upgrade our service plan. (My husband had a Galaxy phone and I had Iphone) During our time there, your sales person Ernesto Perez assisted us. While we were looking at the phone options Ernesto informed us of a special on the Iphone 7s, buy one get one free we would just need to pay the tax on both and only pay the installment plan for one phone. My husband was very adamant about switching to the Iphone, but to keep the cost down we choose to go that route.

NOT ONCE did Ernesto say that the deal will only work if you add a line. NEVER did he mention adding a new number.

Here I am almost 5 months later still paying the installment fee on both phones.
Ernesto clearly lied to us about the entire deal. We would have never both gotten Iphones If I had to pay the installment on both. My husband would have upgraded to the next Galaxy phone if that were the case.
I have tried to work with Josh Robertson on this issue but his only reply was theres nothing we can do.
Im appalled at the way I have been treated and to think theres nothing that can be done is ridiculous. I have better things to do than argue over a simple adjustment that can be authorized by you.
I should not have to suffer any consequences due to the mishandling and inexperience of one of Best Buys employees.
Im asking you to resubmit my previous order for the phone promotion and make the necessary adjustments to reflect a credit for the monthly installments I have already paid.

Im hoping you can resolve this issue so I dont need to take it any further.

I can be contacted at 860-558-0215

Thank you

Lynn Wabble

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