This email was previously sent 10/29/2017Greetings,I am sending this email in regards to an – Mark Parker email address

Arnice Steward sent a message to Mark Parker President and CEO, Nike, Inc. email address that said:

This email was previously sent 10/29/2017

I am sending this email in regards to an event Nike held at East Rockaway Yacht Club located at 115 Althouse Avenue, East Rockaway, NY 11518 on July 22, 2017. The event was for the launch release of the Jones Beach Air Force Ones.

We were honored that Nike decided to hold the event at our venue. In trying to establish a long lasting business relationship we lowered our price and gave the Nike staff full run of the house. Allowing the use of our dining area for the media staff to edit pictures, our kitchen area for the food vendors, trailer rest rooms and a dumpster pool placed in our parking lot at no additional cost.

Your representative managing the event promised the skeleton staff I had on site each a free pair of the sneakers that were being launched. He took their sizes and the sizes were also emailed to him a few days later. I scaled back the staff to nine people that assisted the Nike staff and ensured every request was adhered to.

I am very disappointed at the outcome of the event. The dumpster pool that was bought onsite was purchased as per your representative. He stated that Nike sold the pool and someone would pick it up the following day. We informed him they would have to hire security in that area due to safety reasons. He agreed and said security would be there around 8:00pm. Once the event ended the Nike staff packed up their belongings and left.

We were left with the pool which we had to hire security for the night and my staff never received the sneakers as promised. An email was sent to the representative and he sent 4 (four) pairs of the first Air Force Ones every released it seems in sizes that were not requested as if they were found in a back of a closet that no one wanted. I am appalled that Nike such a large and respected company would act in such a non-professional manner.

We were told by the representative we were the best venue he ever worked with by giving them room to do as they wished on the property. If this is so, what he did is a total slap in the face. We now feel he knew he would never use our venue again and did not care about dissolving the relationship.

Once the representative left, all his promises and responsibilities left with him. I am asking Nike to make this wrong a right and at least send my staff the sneakers that were promised. A few on staff are young and was looking forward to the sneakers. They were very excited to work the event and also dont understand why Nike would end what was a really good day on such a bad note.

Respectfully yours,

Arnice Steward
VC. Administrative Assistant
East Rockaway Yacht Club

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