This Email was sent through Linked in on Jan 16th 2018Jan 16 Jeff Waite – Gary Kelly email address

Jeffrey Waite sent a message to Gary C. Kelly Chairman, President, and CEO, Southwest Airlines Co. email address that said:

This Email was sent through Linked in on Jan 16th 2018
Jan 16

Jeff Waite sent the following message at 9:51 AM

Troubled Customer

Mr. Kelly I am a very loyal and satisfied customer, I appreciate everything you have done and changed in the airline industry. I am writing you looking for help. During the month of December I realized I was very close to obtaining my companion pass, due to the point that I have obtained throughout the year, seeing on your website that the Rapid Rewards points reset on Jan 1st, I paid some extra medical bills for my wife to take me over the top to obtain the Companion Pass, typically I wouldnt pay for medical bills with my Credit Card, I would just pay cash. I was excited to know that I qualified for the Companion Pass, just to find out that I didnt qualify. I have been going back and forth with your Customer Service Team, and there answers are very scripted and realizing that they are following process... I understand. This is why I am emailing you. I was hoping for someone to actually look at the situation from a customer stand point. I have 3 or 4 people friends/family of mine that have joined your rapid rewards program just from referrals, and I have not asked for any compensation, and I have many friends that play the system and or game to get extra points from back logged/dated promotions to add to there rapid reward points... I dont have the time or ethics to go about working the system. I am an honest hardworking family man that doesnt believe in working the system to me its like stealing. All I am looking for is for someone to actually ask themselves to switch the roles around and see what they would expect. The web site states all point reset Jan 1st, and that is what caused me to believe that I would obtain the Companion Pass. I have used the normal channels from your website to document this concern and the last person who called me stated that he represented the Executive Leadership Team.... What can be done ?

You can call me at any time 408-693-7448
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