This is a resignation letter. My reasons are thus- I no longer – Stefano Pessina email address

Peter sent a message to Stefano Pessina – Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Walgreens Boots Alliance email address that said:

This is a resignation letter.

My reasons are thus –

I no longer feel I can work for WBA after the shocking abuse that HR perpetrated on me at one of the most vulnerable times of my life.
As you are aware WBA reclaimed a month’s salary after discovering that I went off sick 1 day before I was entitled to the sick pay that they had previously paid me. This was done after I had signed a 6 month lease on a house to enable me to return to work. I had a legal obligation to see out this contract which I have now completed.
Not only did this reduce my disposable income to an absurdly small amount (having to repay the meagre £500 loan that WBA lent me) but it also impacted my family who had to lend me further money to see me through this period. Worst of all WBA waited until I had worked for an entire month before they took the money – this is back thinking of the worst kind.
I asked for an explanation and an admission that WBA had made a mistake and that they were sorry for this mistake but have still received no communication to this effect. Clearly there was a mistake made as they paid me the money which I received and spent in good faith before it was reclaimed after my first month back – shocking and disgusting that they let me work this month with no intention of paying me – shame on WBA!
WBA need to realise that they cannot treat people this way and expect any kind of loyalty in return.

At this point I would like to stress that the pastoral care I received from line managers in the team was exemplary and actually quite humbling in its humanity. Richard Roberts and Clare Cotter deserve special mention in this regard – their actions will stay with me for a long time as an example of how to do things right.

Regardless, I am now living in Panama / Cosa Rica. I did not give notice previously as this would have led to WBA attempting to recover holiday pay and leaving me in a position where I could not fund the move away from the company.

I would like this to be known by senior management who should take a look at the, quite frankly, shoddy actions of the HR department.

I am happy to discuss this further but I want to be clear that I welcome any challenge from WBA regarding perceived contractual obligations and I am keen to make public any and every action that has occurred thus far.

I have a WBA laptop which I will return when I am next in town – unless WBA are prepared to pay for its transit back to WBA.
Obviously I have no intention of keeping this laptop as it clearly belongs to WBA.

Again – my exit would have been much more orderly had I not been dealing with an institution that either by design or accident treats its loyal staff in such an iniquitous manner.

Very best regards,


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