This is a way overdue recognition to Rory who measured 3 of our windows – W Craig Jelinek email address

Judy sent a message to W. Craig Jelinek – President and Chief Executive Officer of Costco Wholesale Corporation email address that said:

This is a way overdue recognition to Rory who measured 3 of our windows and helped us select blinds that would suit our needs and aesthetic tastes Marshall Bloomston who installed the blinds quickly and professionally WITHOUT making a mess. Marshall works through Shades to You, a Costco contractor in Apopka FL and I'm assuming Rory does or did too. All of this transpired In April/Early March of this year. We are so happy with our blinds. Taking so long is my bad!

When the blinds on a bedroom window became a bit tangled last month, a call to Shades to You produced a prompt visit from Marshall. He restrung the cord and gave a quick lesson on the proper way to raise and lower a heavy blind on a really tall window. Turns out I was doing it wrong.

We went through Costco because some years ago I sent you a sample of flimsy carpet that we had bought from a Costco contractor and had installed. Although we had chosen it, we realized upon delivery/installation that we had not been able to evaluate its quality as it was just a small sample glued to a board. Before writing you, I had already complained to the Contractor who gave us a $100 gift card. That was cold comfort every time I looked at that terrible carpet. I told you all of this when I sent the sample soon got a call from the lady in charge of carpet contractors. She offered us a new carpet and said we would only have to pay the upgrade cost on a carpet from a new contractor (Price in Delray Beach) who had a showroom. Costco paid for the installation and a superior padding. We were and still are beyond happy promote Costco quality, value and service every chance we get.

I have the paperwork on our Shades to You contract and I don't see a Costco email address to send your company feedback on Rory, Marshall and Shades to You. You have got to make it really, really easy for a world class procrastinator like me to compliment your contractors!

P.S. We also bought our 2014 Camry through the Costco program at Earl Stewart Toyota in North Palm Beach- again because of the carpet experience.

We got a $50 gift card with the blinds purchase a $50 gift card for car accessories at Earl Stewart. You are so good to your members. Thank you!


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