this is Michael Carlson, my phone number is 815-543-1918. I am contacting you in regards – Kendall J Powell email address

michael sent a message to Kendall J. Powell Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of General Mills Email Address that said:

this is Michael. I am contacting you in regards to my termination on Oct 2nd 2015 3 days shy of my 20 year anniversary. I feel it was wrongful termination. I thought i was going upstairs for my 20 year anniversary recognition and was fired, but still got my 20 year gift. This all started when i came back from back surgery. Everything was good until Joel Lynam became our team leader and this is when he created a hostile work environment with the mechanics in cereal. I answered all calls to my line in a timely manner and did overtime as needed. The only thing I did not meet was completing an assignment to where i had to read a book on my time, no compensation and bring notes to him weekly and most of the time he was not available. They did tell me that I could opt out or full fill the requiremant. Ive asked Hr and John Lund if I could opt out and they told me I could not, then I had a meeting with Joel and eric castle and they told me I could opt out. I then told them I asked Hr and they told me I could not. They told me that they would look into it and let me know. They never got back. Please look at my record. This is the lowest P.A. i ever received in the 20 years I have worked for this company. This has affected my wife she is stressed, and has been HUMILIATING for me. My peers who I have talked to since I was Fired they all said i was screwed. I find it odd that 3 days after my termination Joel was let go. I heard that he was fired because he was spreading rumors about me. So why did I get fired? I never got any help from Management knew about the problem and they did nothing to help get these issues resolved. This has been a stressful time for my wife and she should not have to deal with this. After 20 years, I have to draw unemployment? Really. Whats really bad is Rhonda Turner and John Lund and Eric Castle all knew what was going on but they chose to ignore the problem.

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