This is to inform you that I bought a new Samsung J7 pro on 18/01/2018 – Lee KunHee email address

AJAY KATHURIA sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung email address that said:

This is to inform you that I bought a new Samsung J7 pro on 18/01/2018 from Croma outlet Unity 1 , janak Puri .
I went back to them with the complaint of some problem faced in typing a message. The salesman after checking told me that he is not able to see any problem to which I agreed half heartedly as even I was not able to detect an exact problem but was not comfortable with the typing ease and pressure required to type a message .
Thereafter , it took me sometime to ascertain an exact problem which was a very typical one and not easily detectable which is proved by two of your mechanics.
The typical problem was being faced by trying to type letters "i" and "8" only first time after opening the msg to compose . Either they required to be pressed 4/5 times and with excess pressure. But if other keys are typed before, then this problem is not being faced.
Finally, after detecting this typical problem I went back to croma and showed this problem to the same salesman, to which he agreed and was accompanied to customer service. This person also agreed to my problem and asked me to deposit the handset to be sent to Samsung service center.
After 3 days I got a call to collect with no rectification as the mechanic could not ascertain the fault , however he has done a software update .
To my horror he has written no defect found. I showed the same problem which was persistent to Mr Maninder of Croma customer care to which he also agreed . In the same job sheet I wrote about the mechanics inability and incompetence to understand the problem, when I have clearly mentioned the problem.
Then Croma sent it to a different service center , near by and this time Samsung mechanic agreed and wrote it in the job sheet about the problem and ordered for the part as well .
Again to my horror next day I got a call from Croma with Mr Dheeraj on con call from Samsung , who said there was no problem but he has done a software update. I tried explaining him the problem but he insisted me to come to the service center with job sheet.
Next day ie on 20/02/18 I was made to meet some rep who gave me the phone. On checking again the problem remained which was shown to him. There after Mr Dheeraj was called,who insisted me not to type by keeping the phone on the table . He insisted that there is a problem in Samsung phones sensitivity when kept on the table to type( he said the same in front of other two reps and in front of some 10 customers). He also, then said if I can show him the same problem by keeping the phone in my hand he will do anything. This was also proved by me in front of everyone. To this , he did not stop here but wanted to see the same thing in his hand. This time also after trying for sometime he got convinced that there exist a problem and offered me to change the part . Mr Dheeraj who was representing Samsung left no chance in harassing me and over and above this Mr Shokeen the manager was watching him doing this to the customer and didnt interfere or stopped Mr Dheeraj and seemed to be enjoying every bit of it .( every bit of it can be ascertained by CCTV )
After , all this humiliation and harassment , I would like the company to change my handset with a new piece as this is a manufacturing defect from day one .

Before , I escalate this whole issue , I would like you to initiate the complete replacement of my phone at the earliest not to mention the time already lost by me and undergone harassment as the result of buying a Samsung inferior product from Croma.

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