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This may fall on deaf ears, but I’m hoping whoever reads this will agree with – Stephen Burke email address

Adam sent a message to Stephen Burke CEO, NBCUniversal, Inc. that said:

This may fall on deaf ears, but I'm hoping whoever reads this will agree with me and forward this to the higher ups that make decisions. There NBC shows that get cancelled when there is an obvious large fan following. With "24," "Heroes," and "Prison Break" all returning (or have returned), it would be great if these shows would return as well (from NBC).

1. "Heroes" (already returning, thank you NBC)
2. "SURFACE". Lake Bell, J R Furgeson, and that kid actor.. they were tremendous. The show was superb and an only one of it's kind. It left you on a huge cliff hanger. It would be amazing to have a full cast return, and for it to continue.. maybe in real time 9 years later. There could be a recap of what the group has been up to, solving conspiracies, figuring out genetic mutations of crypto-creatures. With Bigfoot and Lochness mania as high as it is now, I don't see why NBC would not consider bringing this terrific sci-fi show back (with same cast and writers).
3. "CHUCK" anybody with a twitter or facebook account will see by a simple search, how popular the series was. It is also very obvious how much support there is for a return (with original cast including Jeffster)
4. "MERLIN" This was an NBC show that got moved to Sci-Fi (SyFy), so I guess NBC owns SyFy as well. Look up "Bring Back Merlin" anywhere online. Much like point number 3 regarding "CHUCK" fans also would be in large masses.
5. Saturday Morning Cartoons. There are a lot of families out there, more than NBC might realize, that can't afford cable and that do not have Cartoon Network or Disney XD. For needy families and kids, Saturday Morning cartoons just like the 80s, would be a grand slam. You would get ratings from kids. You would also get attention/ratings from the parents wanting to relive their memories with their kids watching the same shows. I promise you ratings now on Sat. mornings are not good for any channel despite what faulty nielsen ratings might show. Look at all the retro channels popping up on the HD Antenna line up. RetroTV shows saturday morning cartoons, just like the 80s. People on Twitter love the channel. That goes for MeTV as well. At least try the Saturday Morning line up (from the 80s and 90s) on NBC's COziTV to test it out. I guarantee you will get a huge positive response from the entire nation. That sounds a bit much, but it's true.

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