@thrivent – Bradford Hewitt – Dear Mr Hewitt, I was realing how you help communities, and, individuels, in need. Im

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Dear Mr Hewitt,
I was realing how you help communities, and, individuels, in need.
Im a smart intelligent woman, who has always worked very hard, raised 3 beautiful Daughters, by myself, and a nice, person, that will help anyone out if I feel they are in need I have never had to ask for any help, because I always new, I would get what me and my children, thru blood, sweat and many tears, and Ive done just that,
Recently, Ive fallen on hard times, and truely at the end of my ropes. About 8 yrs ago, I gained employment from a man, in our area, who bought and sold vehicles. I would pick up and deliver the vehicles, he got, all over Texas. I would detail, the vehicles before he sold them. I also cleaned his 3 story home, that over looks the lake in the tiny town in texas, we live in. I took care of the 4 pitbulls, he was raising, or really, I was raising, I did their laundry, wash, starch, iron, put away, plus, I would use a push mower, to mow his acre and a half, front and back yard, to have some exercise in my routine. I loved this job, made decent money, working 12 hour days, 7 days a week, never complaining, about not having a day off, because I felt this job gave me a purpose in line, and direction.
Just before arriving for work, about 8 months ago, my employer, contacted me, just to let me know, he was being seen, at the ER, he was having some pretty bad leg pain, and difficulty breathing. After that day, my world, seen to be crashing down. He was in the hospital for 45 days, and when he came home, he was near death, Congested Heart failure 4th stage. I, was informed, he would no longer be working, and that he could no longer afford to have me, work for him anymore. Due to his health, he could no longer work, himself
I was devestated, I still am. I live in a small hick town, if thats what you wanna call it, we have a gas station at each end of town, and a Dollar General, right in the middle off the hwy.. The next biggest town, is 20 minutes away by vehicle, and after, I had 2 heart attacks, I surely cant walk in this Texas heat, that far, for work.
Im in dire need of a vehicle, so I can get too and from work. Im 48 yrs old, and at the moment, Im losing everything, having to sell my belongings to stay afloat. Ive had to move into a 1984 mobile home, that is serious, need of repairs, my family owns, my water and electric, is currently shut off, so Im basically camping, in the small master bedroom, my elderly parents, live next door, that i do look after, all my siblings, live in other states.
I need transportation, of some kind, so I can get too and from work, and be able to pick myself up, and standing on my own two feet again. Im a very proud, woman, and never had to ask for anyones help before, Im at the end of my ropes, Ive checked thruout my community, and they have nothing to offer, someone that is broke, and need of a vehicle. Im not asking for cash, or my home remodeled, I can do those things, later on while I can afford it, once I do get a job. I would settle for a donated used car, Im hoping to start back up my Personal Errand Assistant, again, That how I got the job for the employer, that let me go 8 months ago..I dont even care if its a scooter, motorcycle, anything, to get to to and from would be a blessing

I understand, if your not able to help me, and if you cant, if you have any information, on the right places to seek, help with need of a vehicle.
I need a miracle, and I dont know where to turn. Miracles, dont happen, to people like me. I kept waiting for God, to drop a vehicle in myy driveway, he must be awefully busy.

If you cant help, I do want to thank for for your time, and listening to my plea. If your able to help, God Bless you, you would never know, how much any help would be appreciated, and we can keep, it descreet, if need be, if you ca n help. in return, I have an invention, Ive spoke with Davidsons Inventions, who have practically begged to me to hire, them. he said its a Brilliant ideal. Once I get back to work, and Sell my invention, I would repay you for your help, and donate to a good cause..

thank you,
Vicki Macpherson Temple Texas

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