@TIAA – Roger Ferguson – Dear Sir, Before I contacted my Attorney, reported your agency to the better business bureau

Carlos Garcia sent a message to Roger Ferguson that said:

Dear Sir,

Before I contacted my Attorney, reported your agency to the better business bureau, and made a very public plea in the Medea denouncing your company, I attempted to contacted you all via telephone in hopes that this matter could be resolved.

However, what I received was, basically... the runaround. It all started when I reported to you all on the 12th of October that I was leaving my job and requested the paperwork required to cash out both my 403B and 401A accounts. However, I was only emailed half the documents required, and after I dragged my wife to the notary a day after her operation, I was told that I needed to have more documents filled, notarized and submitted on the 19th after a check-in call to your company.

I then spoke to a Supervisor Tomika Jones on the19th, whom assured me that I would not have to repeat the process, and that as my wife received another operation, she would expedite the request via online notary and would reimburse me for the charge. However, the notary asked me a handful of questions that I answered "no" to, as I had never lived in these places, nor had I ever known the people they asked me about. In the end they refused to process my application because I did not have enough "correct" answers.

When I attempted to contact Ms. Jones for assistance, she did not return my calls. As of today (the 23rd), I called you organization 6 times, 3 times I was left on hold, once I was forwarded to Ms. Jones again, and twice I was told that her Supervisor (Raquel Jackson) was not available.

When I finally did speak to Ms. Jones, she stated that my former employer would have to verify the status of my employment and my payout, despite the fact that my employer already stated that this was already updated your website, and as a matter of fact, it is plain to see that this is true as I can plainly read it on... YOUR WEBSITE!

Sir, I'm sure you are unaware of the goings on of every employee and their job performance, but this type of behavior makes one wonder whether your people are truly this incompetent, or whether it is an unwritten policy in your organization to do everything that can be done to delay payouts of claims made by hardworking citizens like myself.

Please look into this as I would hate to proceed with the actions I mentioned earlier, and would like to resolve this matter ASAP.

Thank you,

Carlos Garcia
(347) 681-7858

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