@TIAA – Roger Ferguson – Why are you letting your company violate the law of the USA, as well as

DOROTHY FENNEN sent a message to Roger Ferguson that said:

Why are you letting your company violate the law of the USA, as well as the law of the Commonwealth of PA. I will end up dead because of TIAA-CREF. I want my account closed. I sadly agreed to your 5 year plan since it is in an annuity. They threatened me with the Supreme Court will hold up the rights of the annuity over me, a 72 year old widow. the court disagrees, but your company doesn't have to worry, I can't afford an attorney, but I will die because the 5 year plan takes away my right for the luxuries like heat, electric, food,. etc. You look like a nice, kind man. I don't want to die. Your Company suggested I get an equity loan. I will not use my one asset. It is a ridiculous suggestion. When I die, let's see what happens. The Supreme Court will not rule against me. I spoke to someone there. It is not right of your company to use them to frighten people. I tried your way, and it doesn't work. As the owner of the account, when I asked to close my account, and I was refused, that is the first crime according to the Attorney General offices, of the USA and the Commonwealth of PA. TIAA-CREF IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW. I don't want to die, but when I do, it will be big news how I have been treated. The money TIAA-CREF is making off their crimes is not enough to be worth this to your company. But I will die because of your crimes. A violation of the law is a crime, and the information is all in my Will, that what TIAA-CREF has done will make TV news. I tried to work with your 5 year plan, but I don't have enough money to pay bills. This is my money, and by the laws, I have a right to get it. I do not have a lawyer, and I can't afford one, but your treatment of me is criminal, and when it kills me, someone should be held accountable.. It is also against the law to delete the recorded calls that were used during my phone calls. I may sound crazy, but I am the one being harmed. Your company is killing me.

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