@TIAA – Roger W Ferguson Jr – Hi, my name is Obinna. I am a 21-year-old college student from Los Angeles, California

Obinna Chikere Ofoha sent a message to Roger W Ferguson Jr that said:

Hi, my name is Obinna. I am a 21-year-old college student from Los Angeles, California. I attend Grand Canyon Univerity where I am studying Advertising. I doubt that this will get to you, but if it does, any response will be much appreciated.
My family has been renting an old house in Inglewood California for almost 15 years. Yeah, I know- that's a first. When we moved into it, we thought it would be a fantastic place to live, coming from a two bedroom apartment in a crime-stricken neighborhood. The house that we moved into soon became a death trap.
The house is infested with bedbugs, bees, termites, mice, roaches, raccoons, and mold. The ceiling leaks every time it rains, and the wood is rotting. Our landlord sees it too but doesn't do anything, except for raising the rent. My parents are too afraid to confront her about it because we are just lucky to have a roof over our head, especially when the prices of homes are increasing where we live.
Living here, I can see an effect on my family. My mom does not smile as much anymore, she does not show off her arms because of all the bites, and she gets stressed when people come to visit because the house is a disaster. My dad is not the jovial person he used to be. And my siblings and I that moved out for school, dread coming back. It feels like a prison in here.
I do not know where I am going with this, but I was wondering if you can help us with anything. I want my family to be happy.

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