@TJXCo – Carol Meyrowitz – Dear Customer Service Manager, On July 5th, I came in to return a bathing suit

Natia Milian sent a message to Carol Meyrowitz that said:

Dear Customer Service Manager,

On July 5th, I came in to return a bathing suit which I originally Purchased on June 29th at your 620 ave of the Americas Location.

I am extremely disappointed because the service that your managers provided me with. First it was by Natalie B (if I remember her name correctly) She told me that it is TJ Maxx’s return policy that they will not accept any merchandise without sales tags attached. When I asked her to show me the policy, she brushed me off, and replied: Its on the sales ticket. After looking on the sales ticket and not finding such information, I asked her to return my item, because, as TJ Maxx long time customer, I’m aware of my rights as a costumer. She changed her reply and told me to look on the website for the return policy. After I asked her second time to provide me with a service, she again rudely replied: I can’t accept the return because it doesn’t have a panty liner on the bathing suit, and then she walked away from me, ignoring my questions.

The issue here is that I never took off a panty liner, or never worn the bathing suit. I have an original receipt and a tag. Nowhere on your receipt or website it is indicated that the sales ticket has to be attached to the merchandise, or that you can not take returns for the bathing suits without panty liners on.

Then I asked to talk to another manager. John came over and repeated exactly what Natalie told me. He walked away from me, as I was trying to get answers.

The biggest disappointment is that I was treated extremely poorly. I work in Flatiron for a prestigious company as a Sales Specialist. If I spoke to my customer in a manner in which they address me at your store, I would not have any costumers left and would get fired. Both of your managers walked away from me while I was asking questions, what kind of customer service is that? Where is your leadership and professionalism.

I wish to resolve this issue immediately. I wish to return this unwanted, unwarned item as soon as possible.

I am awaiting on your response.

Natia Bejiashvili

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