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Hi Mrs. Meyrowitz,

I am contacting you today because I am a current employee of TJ Maxx in Westwood, New Jersey.
I wanted to restrain myself from reaching out to you until I quit, but unfortunately I cannot deal with this behavior much longer (I sent in my 2 weeks resignation letter a couple days ago).
Many other employees can agree with the problem with the store manager, Dawne Rowe.
Dawne has displayed many inappropriate behaviors toward not only me, but also the other employees.
Foremost, Dawne bullies me; She continuously judges me for being a "lazy, young, naive" worker. For example, if someone asks me to take their shift on a day that I am busy, she will tell me that she knows of someone who is "Captain of soccer team, president of national honors society, volunteers at shelters". OK???? How is this relevant in my case? She belittles me by comparing me to this girl that I do not even know. I will admit there was a time when I would call out sick on every Saturday. That is my business and although that was weeks ago, she constantly doubts my attendance saying things like, "I know you are working this Saturday but I also know that you will call out like you always do right?". Also, today, as I was doing my job, she stands right in front of me so I cannot pass for about 15 seconds, breathing in my face (which makes me feel very uncomfortable), and when I said to her "What", she gets angry, telling me not to speak to me that way because "she is not my mother". YEAH DAWN THANK GOD YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER. There are many moments when she will makes side comments judging everything I do. If I am doing the right thing she will complain to me about something else that needs to be done.
In addition, I know that she makes not only me but all my friends feel very uncomfortable. When we are at register she will slap our butts. One of my friends the other day came up to me and told me that Dawn slapped her butt HARD. My other friend always jokes how Dawne will lean on her back (in a back hugging motion) and lay her boobs on her back. Although we always make jokes about this, I realize now that this is not okay and is actually a very serious matter. This abnormal behavior makes all of us feel embarrassed and tense around her. Her sexual orientation does not matter to me (many people say she is homosexual), but the fact that every time she passes us, she spanks our butts makes me feel extremely weird. Also, a couple of months ago, I was asked to come at 7am. I had to take a test in Dawne's office and she changes right in front of me. Although she was wearing a second layer of pants under the pants that she was taking off, this still made me feel uncomfortable. (She may not remember this).

I realize that I am not the best worker; I do not get credit cards everyday and many times I do have my "off-days" when my head is pounding but I force myself to show up to work. When I do explain to Dawne that I suffer from severe migraines she doesn't believe me. She gives me a sarcastic or ridiculing comment, such as, "You don't look like you have a migraine" or "Do you know what a migraine is?". It is as if she doesn't TRUST me with anything. I mean yeah, of course, she is about 60 years older than me so she definitely knows so much more about my personal problems and health right? Wrong! Her overall attitude toward employees is unprofessional and inappropriate.

I should not despise working at TJ Maxx this much. I also should not feel uncomfortable and scared to come into my shifts. And lastly, I should not let TJ maxx ruin my day to coming home crying.

Although my last day is around the end of this month, I would like to keep myself anonymous. This is a personal issue that I have with Dawne and I do not want her blow up on me like she has many times in the past.


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