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James Craig sent a message to Carol Meyrowitz that said:

Letter of Recognition for daughter's GSA Gold Award

Good afternoon Ms. Meyrowitz,
I hope you are well during this trying period.
I am writing to ask for a simple acknowledgement of a long hard effort and focused determination of my daughter's journey through Girl Scouts to earn the prestigious Gold Award.
As you might know less than 8 pct of girls annually reach this level in the GSA. The rank is equivalent to the Eagle Rank for boys and to be honest a bit harder to earn. I know, as two of my sons are Eagle Scouts. Acknowledgements they received at the time they earned the rank is still something they look back upon with pride.
I would like my daughter Anna to feel that same sense of pride that she believes all girls and women who succeed to the highest levels should have. I am hoping that you can provide a simple letter of this acknowledgement as you are clearly someone who has fought and earned quite a bit of self esteem, respect from others and successes at the highest levels of Corporate America.
Anna has just graduated from high school in the top 10 pct of her class and will be going off to University of Binghamton Decker School of Nursing this fall after being accepted into their Honors Program. As you also know so many of this year's graduating seniors have had their celebrations cut short or not celebrated at all due to the current pandemic. This has not diminished her aspirations and drive to succeed but emboldened her focus to thrive and be a part of the efforts that will help others in the future.
Again if you can see to taking a few minutes to send a letter of recognition I believe it will be something she can look back on with pride years from now that her efforts were recognized by other dedicated and successful women.

Best Regards,
Jim Craig

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