To CEO, BMW AG, SKP 7355R e93 335i purchased 31 Dec 2014 from Performance Premium – Norbert Reithofer email address

Maria sent a message to Norbert Reithofer Chairman of the Board of Management, BMW – email address that said:


SKP 7355R e93 335i purchased 31 Dec 2014 from Performance Premium Selection Limited in Singapore.

Since taking ownership, noted
1. air conditioner not cold. Had compressor replaced around March 2015 with some improvement but it was never really cold especially on a warm day. This was again brought in for repair recently and a new compressor and another part has been replaced. Through the past year the car has returned multiple times with same complaint.
2. GPS has NOT been working properly despite being brought in multiple times over the past 20 months and having had various components replaced.
3. various oil leaks from different locations since taking ownership. Latest leak from flywheel seal. I had brought it for an inspection and found the leak but had to bring it in multiple times just to get the issue addressed.

I would appreciate that you make the effort to comb through the service history of this car thoroughly to appreciate the grief of ownership of this vehicle, and also to appreciate that the car has spend more than 8 weeks in the workshop. It is currently in the workshop still because the GPS system is not fixed despite the multiple works done. Allow me to share that my colleagues and relatives with circa 2010 BMWs with SatNav have all had issues with the systems not tracking and jumping out of course but have given up after multiple trips back to the workshop.
The loss of use of the vehicle is very costly, considering that the annual depreciation is around SGD 25,000. The purchase of a dream car has turned into an utter nightmare and it is certainly rocks my confidence in the brand that I find it difficult to recommend anyone else to buy a BMW in future based on my ownership experience of this lemon of a car.

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